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Clarke-Mobile Counties Gas District
System Safety
Check Tips:
 Floor and wall furnaces
should be cleaned before the
CMC Gas Representative
 If your furnace is in the attic,
proper access needs to be
 A contact phone number
should be provided so a
CMC Gas Representative
can contact you prior to
their arrival.
Fall is upon us and it’s that time of year again!
September 17, 2018, thru September 27, 2018, CMC
Gas Customers can call to have a CMC Gas District
representative light pilots and inspect their natural gas
heating appliances for a service fee of $25.00. That is
half of the normal service fee! The fee will be added
to your bill.
If you are disabled or 62 years of age or older, your
service fee is waived. However, you must provide the
CMC Gas Representative with verification at the time
of service.
Any requests for the light-up program that are made
after September 27, 2018, will be assessed a normal
service fee of $50.00.
Call Clarke-Mobile Gas today to have a CMC Repre-sentative
prepare your heating system for this winter.
Fall Pilot Light Up & Heating System Safety Check
2003 College Ave.
Jackson, AL. 36545
251-246-2428  800-449-3338
Serving Jackson, Grove Hill, Thomasville,
Chatom, McIntosh, Coffeeville, Fulton,
Orange Beach and other areas
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