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Mac’s Drugs 201 Commerce Street
Downtown Jackson
246-3616  Fax 251-246-2277
Blood pressure is the force
of blood against the walls of
the arteries. High blood pres-sure,
called hypertension,
makes the heart work too hard
and can lead to heart disease,
stroke, kidney disease and
other problems. Systolic pres-sure,
the first number in a
blood pressure reading, is con-sidered
normal at 120 or
below. Diastolic pressure, the
second number, should be 80
or below. Readings of 140/90
or higher indicate high blood
pressure. Since 2003, re-searchers
have classified
blood pressure levels from
120/80 to 139/89 as pre-hy-pertension,
or elevated blood
pressure likely to lead to hy-pertension.
Elevated blood pressure
can usually be controlled with
medication. Fill your next pre-scription
at our pharmacy.
By Randy Guy
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